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The Cold War: is this forgotten?

Cold War veteran speaks regarding Connecting the Dots: What's happening to peace? (Virden, Empire Advance, March 15)
John Fefchak, C.D. (CWO ret.)

Canada during the Cold War period of 1950-1990.

Canada's military and Canadians paid a heavy price during this period. To put it concisely, our Cold-War operations resulted in more fatalities, due to military service than the Korean War, the Balkan conflicts, the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and peacekeeping - combined. For aircrew deaths alone, the number was 926.

Why has this been forgotten? to the extent that Cold War veterans apparently don't seem to deserve even a passing mention these days?

It was a massive commitment. Several hundred thousand Canadian military members served in the vital cause of deterring Soviet aggression, thereby joining Canada's allies in preventing the outbreak of a third world war and the nuclear holocaust that would have ensued.

My entire career of thirty-one years was encompassed during the Cold War years. Not a single shot was fired in combat by the Canadian Military.

Our job was deterrence, and deterrence worked. We trained for war so that we wouldn't have to fight a war.

My earnest hope is that Canadians, when they pause to commemorate the

many sacrifices that our veterans have made through the years, will give a

moment to those whose service as Cold War Warriors., although unheralded, really

made a difference".

Lest we forget.

Note:  There are probably less than 180,000 Cold War veterans remaining today.

Cold War Veteran, John Fefchak, C.D. (CWO ret.)

RCAF and Canadian Armed Forces. (1951-1982)

Virden, Man.



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