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Tundra company - TEML - rebrands

Tundra Energy Marketing to become Kingston Midstream, June 26

Kingston Midstream will be the new name of Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) the pipeline company serving the Cromer oilfield. TEML operates a network of pipelines, storage tanks and truck terminals in Manitoba with connectivity to the Tundra Oil & Gas, Ltd. terminal near Cromer, Manitoba, among their other locations throughout western Canada.


The new name and brand were presented recently at an employee event at the Calgary head office by President and CEO Jim Hand. As of June 26, TEML will become Kingston Midstream.

“In 2011, TEML was founded as an independent subsidiary of James Richardson & Sons, Limited’s oil and gas exploration and production division,” said Hand. “As the company has grown significantly and now services a broader customer base, we believe the time is right for an evolution of its brand identity.” 

TEML (Kingston Midstream) is wholly-owned subsidiary of James Richardson & Sons, Limited. For the parent company James Richardson & Sons, Ltd., President/CEO Hartley T. Richardson attended the announcement.

“The name Kingston Midstream is a reference to the roots of James Richardson & Sons, Ltd. 162 years ago, which started as a small grain merchandising operation in Kingston, Ontario,” said Richardson. Originally founded in 1857, the Richardson & Sons company continues as a Winnipeg-based private, family-owned and operated corporation that is actively involved in global agriculture and food processing, financial services and real estate investment, as well as energy exploration, transportation and marketing. 

With corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alta. and operations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Kingston Midstream transports hydrocarbons through an integrated network of gathering pipelines, storage tanks, rail and truck terminals.


Public Affairs, Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd.