VJH - Mind Your Health

The Mind Your Health Committee at Virden Junior High held a Wellness afternoon, May 25, with the theme: “Mind and Body Connection”.

Fort la Bosse is committed to looking after the mental health of its staff and students, and we are fortunate to have their support in this important initiative. 

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Students and staff attended a number of sessions intended to help them become aware of their own mental well-being. These sessions included Hip Hop dance, the FITT Principle, Therapy Pets, Walk and Talk, Healthy Snack, Artful Doodling and a Love Me talk. 

Another goal was to help students to feel empowered and inspired to begin looking after their mental health themselves as much as possible. Of course, students were reminded that it can also be necessary to seek outside assistance if they are really struggling.

We hope the events of our Wellness Day will provide a starting point for conversations about mental health and wellness here at school and at home. Further information and resources are available and parents can contact the school if they wish to speak to their child’s teacher or to a member of the VJH Wellness Committee.


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