Are we in a drought cycle?

The dominant feature in southwestern Manitoba, the Assiniboine River and its watershed of tributaries and oxbows has been a blessing and a curse in drought and flood cycle through the prairies.

Next week begins the first of a series of summer webinars from the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI). The topic on June 24 webinar is “Water Supply in the Assiniboine Basin”.

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ARBI Executive Director Wanda McFadyen says, “The North American Drought Monitor to the end of May shows that a large portion of the basin is abnormally dry with moderate drought conditions in some areas.  We know that could change with a single rain fall…”

If Are you interested in learning more about the great resource the Assiniboine River represents, check out ARBI’s Facebook page.

The Water Supply Webinar is in cooperation with Man. Ag and Resource Development, ND State Water Commission and Sask. Water Security Agency. To join the webinar by phone or on a device, find details at:


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