Ayana Wellness Spa new business on 7th Ave.

Using rest and relaxation therapies to increase our quality of life

Step in the door to a world of relaxation for body and mind at Ayana Relaxation Spa on Seventh Ave. Completely new and different, Zoey Jebb’s spa is designed to offer keys to feeling good, pairing the science of relaxation and technology within an organic décor.

Jebb, mother of a daughter 11 and son of four, has been working as a wellness practitioner for a number of years through bodywork therapy, hypnosis therapy and life coaching. Ayana represents her dream to share more answers she has found in her own journey to health.

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“When I learn something that works, that takes me out of pain, that improves my quality of living, I want to share it with everybody,” says Jebb.

She has been dreaming of a wellness centre in the Virden area for the better part of a decade, and after meeting the owner of a Winnipeg-based automated wellness centre, Jebb began incubating the idea of an automated relaxation spa as the base for her vision.

A big boost to the project is help from Jebb’s partner Clayton McKenzie, whose knack for carpentry has been pivotal to the spa’s design; plus, a team effort with her sister Alyssa Eisner has come at the right time. She recently given up her position in hospitality management to return to a simpler life in Virden. Eisner has helped with business details and is Ayana’s day-to-day manager.

The former Equipment for Independence building has undergone a complete transformation to become a relaxation centre with a hydrotherapy bed, massage chairs, vibroacoustics, lighting and grounding therapy and a library, with more to come.


Like a musical massage, vibroacoustics has been shown in studies, to reduce pain and a multitude of symptoms including fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, provide relief from anxiety and even speed healing after cardiac surgery.

The Dreamwave and Duet massage chairs give a full body, customized massage.

A hydrotherapy bed provides a floating (fully clothed) massage experience.

At the library station (fitness, nutrition, pregnancy, home and gardening, spirituality, etc.) along with comfy chairs, there’s Grounding and Light Therapy devices available.

According to the Journal of Inflammation Research, “grounding” (also known as “earthing”) reduces pain and affects factors related to inflammation.

Having been plagued with fibromyalgia, digestive issues, bladder infections, a lot of joint and muscle issues in her past, Jebb’s journey in regaining her own health brought her to some of the most natural answers in nutrition and in the power of deep relaxation.

“That’s the key, allowing your body to relax, and we don’t. Watching TV does not relax your nervous system. It bombards it!”


A unique room with a float tank will be available shortly. You float in an Epsom salt soak. Three times the buoyancy of the ocean, with zero sound and light, (sound and light are options) it feels like there is nothingness around you.

Jebb admits she was a little uneasy in her first float tank experience. But after relaxing for a 30-minute soak she tells, “When I got out, I felt amazing. Your face is relaxed, everything is relaxed. It’s a good reset for the nervous system. Really great for sports recovery.”

Sound and light are optional. Float tanks are also used to relieve PTSD and Jebb plans to provide a special rate for First Responders who take advantage of the magnesium float.

“It is even big enough for a couple to float together. The room is provided with a shower, toilet and sink as well.”

“A salt cave, (halotherapy), will be ready soon too. It’s “like being by the ocean. Asthma, sinus issues, skin conditions, respond well to that environment.”

Jebb’s business means new life to Virden’s downtown Seventh Ave. as she is also opening a second storefront at 472 Seventh Ave. this summer. A juice bar, health supplies and treatment/seminar space will complete the Ayana Wellness Center.

“When we thought ‘downtown Virden’, it just made sense… we wanted it accessible so people can come here and relax as often as possible.” You can find more information at www.ayanawellnessspa.caand


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