Christmas cards – rewarding to receive and to send!

If you haven’t given a Christmas or holiday card for years, this might be the time to start – a great year to reach out.

Laurel Lamb with Prairie West Recreation has given us a nudge. PWR is offering a prize for creating and submitting a card, either digital (see her recommended apps) or hand-made with stencils, free-hand, glue-ons, colour, paste in a photo, add an Angel feather or an Elf on the Shelf finger print … well, use YOUR imagination.

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Perhaps you are an old hand at giving Christmas cards. Believe me, even though you may not get as many back as you send out, they truly are appreciated by those who receive.

Some people send cards to veterans, some write cards to the military men and women stationed abroad or quarantined within their units.

There’s no time like the present, particularly with Christmas roughly 1.5 weeks away as of Wednesday, Dec. 16 and the contest closing on the 17th. So, if you hurry, you may win something; but more than that, you will have your card (s) ready to give.

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