Christmas, here we come!

Prairie West Recreation has taken firm hold of Christmas traditions to ensure you get your fix within Code Red regulations. If you’ve got lights and seasonal décor, now is the time to shine. Prairie West Recreation is cheerleading but really, it’s a DIY light tour.

Laurel Lamb, director for PWR, says people should be sure to have their Christmas lights on between Dec. 20 and 25. So, if you’re lit up, expect lookers!

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Sounding Christmas Eve

And if that’s got you interested, how about this PWR idea: Christmas Eve will have a certain sound this year as at 6 p.m. we step onto our doorstep and sound a bell. Lamb suggests a two-minute ring. “Ring a bell for two minutes to spread Christmas spirit…”

The 24th is traditionally an evening when we celebrate - have family over, some open gifts, light candles in a sanctuary or meet with friends.

The bells of Christmas Eve will be a great way to enjoy a special neighbourhood moment. It could be a very real community connection.

The idea is not as farfetched as one might think. In fact, acoustic signals have been used throughout history to warn of everything from impending danger to Romeo’s prose outside Juliette’s window.

In Virden, on Nov 11, 2018 bells rang out in commemoration of the end of the First World War.

This Christmas Eve is an opportunity for folks to communicate around the neighbourhood. Let the bells ring out!


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