Elkview Lodge - Fourty years young

Fourty years ago when the mayor of Elkhorn was Bill Bartley, he and his council members saw the need for a village seniors complex and residence that would keep area seniors in the community as active members.

At a recent anniversary tea, the chairman of Elkview Residence Board, Ada Brennan welcomed the large crowd that turned out and gave a brief history of the residence, telling how it had grown over the years because of the community’s need and efforts.

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Over its 40-year history there has been a lot of community involvement within its walls and its operation. Among the large crowd, were several area politicians who each gave a brief and heartfelt message of congratulations and best wishes for the future growth of the lodge.

They would include MP Larry Maguire, Roland Gagnon, and Garth Mitchell who all stressed that the residence was a good place to live. It showed the foresight of our former community politicians; and future expansion will be needed for the next generation who have, in the recent past, and are now developing Elkhorn’s community.

Congratulations and thanks were also extended to Elkview Lodge staff, past and present, for their part in the success of the residence.

Comments were made by Sonya Peters, the local S.A.I.L. coordinator and local senior activist, Jill Canart, asking for more effort on the part of Manitoba Housing to upgrade and improve the residence. Representatives for Manitoba Housing Authority were invited to the event, but did not make it.

Following the speeches, tea along with a special anniversary cake was served by Elkhorn Residents, community volunteers and school staff volunteers, and it was a time for visiting and remembering. As one resident said of the facility, “The Elkview Lodge is a family that has a heart.”

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