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"The stormy March has come at last;

with winds and clouds and changing skies.

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I hear the rushing of the blast

That through the snowy valley flies."  -William C Bryant

March is the month of considerable frustration. It is so near to Spring and yet across a great deal of country the weather is still so cold and stormy. I have heard say March is sometimes called no-mans-land between winter and spring, full of hope and frustration.

Jean Hersey says in March, winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward. That makes sense to me.

March 2 was an exciting, long awaited day by many here at Evergreen. It was the day when Covid-19 immunizations were done.

Everyone had to make the decision whether they would have the vaccine that day or at a later date. The risks had to be considered and doctors had to be consulted. Many had the vaccine, a few chose to wait or not have it. I had it, but we still have to wear masks and do the distancing because we are only partly protected.

I was watching Nikki, our Evergreen caretaker, work and I admired her for putting joy into her daily routine job. She was sanitizing the railing along the halls, dancing along while doing the work. Nothing like putting fun into these mundane routine chores!

I had asked for a remedy to be able to sleep at night. No ideas were given to me. But I read that journaling helps you sleep. A study made found it increases sleep time and improves sleep quality.  So, what is journaling? It's simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. It is a healthy way to express yourself. Your journal does not need to follow any certain structure. It's your own private place to discuss whatever you want. So, young or old, if you haven't done it before, start journaling. It helps to create order in your life and you actually get to know yourself by revealing your most private thoughts and feelings.

Anne Lodder's son, Ryan, was over at his Mom's place for supper this past week. That is big news for Evergreen these days. But changes are coming.

Quote for the Day: "For those who have difficulty surviving the deep winter, March is a time of renewal, rejoicing and celebration. Maybe our lives begin to feel less off-kilter, more aligned with what we wish and hope they would be. And it's not always that things are so different but our perspective changes." -Susan C. Young



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