Fashion mogul Peter Nygard jailed in Winnipeg

From Manitoba, he came and in Manitoba, he was detained following a request from the United States to initiate extradition proceedings against Nygard.  


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He will face charges in the United States of racketeering, sex trafficking and related crimes.

Peter Nygard, originally the darling of Deloraine, where he grew up, rose to fame for his fashionable clothing designs. Nygard’s Winnipeg office tower gleams in the sun, a testament to his business success. And as recently as 2018 he was feted in Winnipeg, for the 50th anniversary of Nygard International.

But, on Nov. 14, the 79-year-old was arrested by Winnipeg City police and RCMP Federal Policing officers.

News broke last February as over 50 women had come forward with charges against Nygard. He was accused of luring “young and impoverished women to his estate in the Bahamas. Several allege they were 14 or 15 years old when Mr. Nygard raped them,” according to a report in The Globe and Mail in Feb. 26, 2020.

Nygard is currently in custody pending a bail hearing and further extradition proceedings.

His designs have featured broadly where women’s fashions are sold and have clothed a very many women with lines bearing his name, and ALIA, TanJay, Bianca Nygard among others.

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