Fruit trees removed, vision hazard

Residents say hundreds of pails of Saskatoons were picked here through the years.

Whenever trees come down, it leaves a void. Even shrubs, take years to grow and fruiting varieties must mature before they produce much.

In the case of mature shrubs and trees removed at the corner of Ninth Ave. N. and King St. W., communication from the Town of Virden said those shrubs had become a safety hazard, blocking visibility for drivers at the intersection; and the Town office had received complaints to that end.

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As a result, a surveyor was hired to identify the property boundaries at that location and to determine which trees needed to be removed. 

The decision to remove the trees was communicated to the adjacent property owner. A Town official says that removing the trees resolved the safety hazard, bringing the intersection into compliance with the zoning by-law at that intersection. 

Feedback from some residents is positive, saying the intersection is now safer.

Never-the-less, the fruit trees are sadly missed by others. The adjacent property owner had apparently asked berry pickers to let him know how many pails they were picking. Although free for the taking, a source says that the yields were tracked from year to year. Last year, 110 ice cream pails of Saskatoons were harvested there.

This year, pies and jellies will have to come from another source.

Meanwhile, Virden has a new and growing orchard near the creek and Virden Junior High and a report came this week, that orchard has suffered recent damage.

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