Gladiola bouquets and corn feasts, bright spots in Community news


Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Hello again, all Empire-Advance readers. It's good to connect with you again. I hope you are surviving

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these hot summer days well.

Let me make some comments about summer heat. The deadliest heat wave in Canadian history was in Manitoba, July 5 - 17, 1936, with temperatures exceeding 44C. In Manitoba and Ontario 1,180 Canadians lost their lives during this time; 400 of these deaths were drowning while seeking refuge from the heat. A climatologist confirms Manitoba has the best summer in Canada.

Now to Evergreen.

Sherald Joynt spent Saturday, Aug. 22 at Val Smith’s in Elkhorn for supper, celebrating three birthday parties. She also was a guest at Rae Brook’s and Chris's on Sunday, Aug. 23, for supper.

Our August birthdays are Dale Hill and Mike Campbell.

We welcome another couple to the Evergreen family. Michael and Jennifer Wile came to us from Brandon, but were formerly from British Columbia. Jennifer and Michael, you chose a good place for your new home and we want you to feel a part of us here.

We have a queen living at Evergreen. Yes, we do!  We are proud of Joyce Braybrook, a resident of two years, who is the Manitoba TOPS Queen of 2019. It takes motivation to receive this title, and you did it, Joyce. Congratulations!

 If you get company whom you haven't seen in a long time, the Lions Campground is the place to entertain. I had such company on Sunday, Aug. 23. Dr. Gail Penner brought my friend Rose Marie for a visit and what a time we had reminiscing. Rose and I, were inseparable since Grade 2, but our vocations took us far apart. The reason, Rose taught school for decades and married a teacher while I taught only a short while and married a heavy equipment operator. Gail was a research doctor in Cincinnati but we always kept in touch, even if it was through hours on the phone at night, when she had time. Now she is a retired doctor back in Manitoba, into photography, ceramics and creating jewellery. What a switch. (This was another short plug for Virden Lions Campground.)

Thankyou Irma MacDougall for the lovely bouquet of colorful gladiolas you treated us with. I had the pleasure of visiting her farm on Monday, Aug 24, by invitation, to see how Hügelkultur (raised garden beds that reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation and fertilizer) is done, and to see her numerous vegetable and flower gardens. As an unexpected bonus we picked half a pail of chokecherries right there.

No bears to outrun, just peaceful, fun picking with a friend.

Quote for the Day:  

 "May you always have: Love to share, Cash to spare, Tires with air, And friends who care."  - Trudy Hicks


Princess Lodge By Bernice Graham

After a short reprieve of doing “normally well” with the pandemic here, we’re going backward and now have to wear masks for at least two weeks, and of course this can be difficult especially if a person has a hearing aid plus glasses. And for those who don’t want to be alone and don’t travel anywhere. However, on the other side of the coin, we can now schedule (or re-schedule) all those tasks that were put on hold forever (or so it seemed).

Last Wednesday Ray Everett of Brandon visited with Donna Everett and Ethel Bowles and had supper at Chicken Chef.

Tim and Heather and family visited with the Grahams on Sunday and brought some of their super sweet corn, which was a treat, as the raccoons got into ours first!

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