Goulter School, your TRUE COLOURS are shining through!

A fun day for wellness and harmony

Goulter Elementary students had quite the day on Wednesday, April 10, eating a rainbow, playing ball blindfolded, and taking a micro-hike in the schoolyard - just a few of the activities in the school’s sixth annual True Colours Day.

It began with every student getting a True Colours t-shirt. Throughout the day, they visited seven stations around the school, each one dedicated to education for sustainable development (ESD). In other words, taking care of “ourselves, one another and our Earth.”

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Principal Will Noseworthy said, “True Colours Day is one day specifically dedicated to ESD. It’s a way to celebrate our diverse community of learners.”

The activity stations promoted wellness and living in harmony with the world. For example, there were presentations on healthy handwashing, how to make (and eat) a rainbow-coloured fruit salad, the art of wowapi (traditional Dakota paper folding), the story of Malala Yousafzai’s book, and a nature micro-hike in the playground.

Students ended the day by gathering in the gym for a group picture to show their true colours.

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