Halloween tricksters at Evergreen, Parkissimo Lodge new neighbours


Miniota by Bev Peel

"If there is no struggle, there is no Progress." by Frederick Douglass.

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Halloween has come and gone with a terrible windy day and evening with -2 degrees which felt much colder. Then the street lights went out on Louisa Ave. E, to make it even more of a spooky nigh! Around 44 youngsters took part in Halloween, but in some parts of town there were even more. At least the full moon guided them. One young lady even played her ukulele and sang, "Have I told you lately that I love you?" for her candy.

Senior walking in the Miniota Hall started Monday morning, Nov. 2. It will continue Monday, Wednesday and Friday with COVID 19 protocols in place, wearing a mask, signing in at the door, hand sanitizer and bringing your own water. Hope to see a good turn-out as walking cures a lot of things. What safer place is there, free from the outdoor elements? There were six people reported that did walk in the Hall but some walked outside as it was a gorgeous day, with the weather changed Nov. 1 and 2 with such warm temperatures getting up to 19 degrees with sunshine.

The Community Centre had a meeting and decided there wouldn't be any curling until January due to the cost of everything, as there have been no activities happening to bring any money to keep things going.

Congratulations from the Miniota and Isabella Communities to Glen and Margaret Still on their 60th Anniversary, celebrated recently.

There have been some changes in the Parkissimo Lodge in October. Jenny Askew moved to Virden, Mae Watters moved into that suite, Sheila Kokorudz moved into the bachelor suite on the north side. We wish you all the best in the days and years ahead.

Faye Campbell visited Margaret and Marvin Elder recently and Margaret is visiting Faye Campbell today as I (Bev) write this column on another beautiful day.     

On Nov. 8 Linda Clark will be conducting the United Church Remembrance Day service.

"Fears are the only things that multiply faster than rabbits." by W.J. Picard.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Hello November, and readers of our Virden Empire-Advance. The busyness of Fall has subsided. You have carved your pumpkins and pulled out your cozy sweaters, and now get to take a deep breath of crisp air and settle into November. Except, November 2020 began with mild temperatures; all too soon snow and frost will invade.

Once in a blue moon there are two full moons in one month. October was such a month, full moon on Oct. 1 and full moon on Oct. 31, so Oct. 31 had a blue moon. The moon was near to a bright red star, not really a star, but the fiery planet of Mars.

My grandson Steven, of Shoal Lake, was visiting me and we went driving Hallowe'en night to see the Blue Moon, (blue in name only) but it was hazy so we could see that lovely moon, but we could not see Mars. The next Blue Moon will be on Aug. 22, 2021.

Hallowe'en is one of the world's oldest holidays. We residents of Evergreen have missed having the hundred children come by for treats, like they did other years. At least three residents had great-grands come for their annual Hallowe'en treats. Mine didn't come, however I had three Evergreen ghosts knock at my door. They came in but wouldn't identify themselves, so it was a guessing game for me. Great job, ladies!

More restrictions have been laid on us again. We have to wear masks again and only five residents are allowed in the Common Room at one time. For some this is a very trying time. We want to keep safe so adhere to the strict rules made for us.

With the weather being what it is these days, this quote seems appropriate: "I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as Autumn sunshine by staying in the house." - Nathaniel Hawthorne

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