Hazardous waste day at Virden gets help

Virden's household hazardous waste day is a serivce to residents in the area, giving people the opportunity every year to get the poisonous or reactive materials out of their homes and garages, but not into landfill where it could damage the surrounding environment and leach into the water table.

Hazardous wastes are primarily generated in the normal course of operation of industries, businesses, medical institutions, farms or other operations. These wastes include a broad range of materials such as: waste solvents, waste paint, waste lead acid batteries, waste pesticides, used motor oil, biomedical waste, etc.

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Hazardous wastes present a greater danger to human health and the environment than other waste material as a result of their specific chemical, physical and biological properties. To reduce adverse effects to human health and the environment, it is essential that hazardous waste is handled, stored, transported, treated and disposed of properly.

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