Hutterite children serenade Elkhorn seniors

Boundary Lane Hutterite Farm Colony is about 20 kilometers southwest of the village of Elkhorn and is well known for its award winning hogs. The colony, for many years, has had its own school, which is part of the Fort La Bosse School Division. Part of the schools program is music, which continues after school in the community’s choir.  

Recently, school principal, Pam Jamieson and education assistant Mrs. Rozak along with the school’s German teacher, Melvin Kleinsasser brought the whole student body, all twelve of them, to Elkwood Manor Personal Care Home for a concert of music.

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The children, under the direction of Mrs. Jamieson performed several songs for the residents, including “Jesus Loves You”, which was sung in German.

Afterwards, the children introduced themselves to the residents, who enjoyed the short program very much. As the students climbed back into their van for the trip back to the colony, with a special treat stop at the Elkhorn Creamee, Mrs. Jamieson said, "This event, on the part of our students and staff, is an act of charity to spread kindness and love to our senior residents."    

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