Icy underfoot - now what?

When you are making your way down the sidewalk, a sign telling you to be careful, telling you that it’s icy, is a kind reminder.

It’s easy to get lost in our musings as we walk. After all, it has been icy for over a week now, and while it may seem obvious, in truth, that sign could save someone from falling. Just reading it brings the footing conditions to the forefront of your thoughts – called mindfulness.

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However, this patch of sidewalk on the southeast side of Nelson St. West was not just slippery on Monday, Dec. 1. The sidewalk also has a slight slope toward the street and with zero grip footing, it’s treacherous for anybody - everybody.

The slippery sign was placed in front of the Derek Theatre and that patch of sidewalk was actually civilized. De-iced with chemical. But after that, further up the sidewalk, you were on your own. You could find yourself bracing against the cars parked along the street, or clinging to brick storefront.

People often entre their businesses through the back door and may not realize what people experience outside of their business. Sand and/or chemicals for grip on icy sidewalks, although messy, are absolutely necessity with the freeze/thaw/rain/snow of this mild stretch.

And thanks for the additional signage.



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