Inaugural meeting for Virden Councillors

Observers partially filled the gallery in council chambers as Virden’s newly elected councillors were sworn into office for the next four-year term.

Outgoing Mayor Jeff McConnell and members of Virden Community Chamber of Commerce were also there.

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Mayor Murray Wright and six councillors pledged to “act faithfully in the Office of Councillor without fear, favour or affection and truly, faithfully and impartially, and to the best of my knowledge and ability, execute the duties and responsibilities of that office."

As the last councillor finished the oath, applause broke out in the gallery.

Addressing council Mayor Wright said, “Over the next few years there will be ups and downs, but always be positive, because we’ll get there.” He added, “And remember that you can’t keep everybody happy.”

Wright later said this inaugural council meeting “was more of an informational meeting for the new council.”

Councillors were sent home with a few things to think about in preparation for filling several committee roles and that of deputy mayor.

McConnell, who has 20 years of council work behind him, including the last eight as mayor later said that the inauguration of a new council was an important moment for Virden. “I wanted to be here to show support.”

The existing structure of council includes three standing committees: Planning and Finance Committee - a committee of the whole plus CAO and Economic Development Officer; Community & Protective Services Committee; and Transportation and Sewer & Water Committee.Image result for Virden Oil Caps logo


These committees as well as seven community-based committees need councillor representatives assigned to them within the next week.

And just ahead, the councillors will attend two nights of orientation.

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