Legally Blonde huge hit

“All that pink! Is it even legal?”

Legally Blonde the Musical was a hit. Westman actors, some of them right from Virden, were transformed into Broadway stars on Virden’s Aud theatre stage. Lead actor Erin Poole was a smashing Elle Woods. And Elle really was a hero as she blew through social and gender barriers, developed her character and found her true love.

Supporting cast didn’t miss a beat either bringing a highly entertaining show to the stage.

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Director/Producer Michelle Chyzyk has once again hit the sweet spot with this very pink but powerful musical.

Crowd numbers were respectable. “We received a wonderful response from audience members,” said Chyzyk.

Handing in her “killer essay”on scented pink paper to the stuffed shirts at Harvard Law School didn’t work in Elle’s favour; however, when she explained she was applying to law school for love – she received a “Welcome to Harvard”.

Not a show for children - risqué bits came off as saucy humour. This musical was funny with innuendos, puns, slapstick and pure surprise that brought the house down, such as when local autobody shop owner Todd Beltz stepped out as Dewey - a hairy, half clothed hippie type played to deadpan perfection.

Another small role - Kyle (Brady Chyzyk) a delivery guy - yielded big laughs with a rather understated presence Thursday evening.

In this musical, energetic vocals and dance were smoothly woven into the performance; no chance for boredom in this live show!

There were memorable lines and lyrics such as the hardened Professor Callahan (Virden teacher Darrell Corbel) striding back and forth before his Harvard law class, culturing a cutthroat philosophy, singing “blood in the water”. Elle succinctly summarized her personal transition as she quipped, “Think making navy my new pink wasn't a good move?”

The show dogs were naturals. Minnie a tiny therapy dog owned by Laura Thrush of Brandon rode in the arms of Elle. Seven-month-old Rumble, a bulldog owned by Carla Loewen, stepped up as understudy into the role originally set for Rick and Brenda Park’s dog Diesel.

Minimal sets were smoothly changed and the stars shone brightly with the help of technical director Thomas Humphries and a full and obviously dedicated crew behind the scenes. The pit orchestra under the direction of Brent Campbell empowered this live Broadway theatre.

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