Lenore 4-H Beef Club

Achievement Day

Members of the Lenore 4-H Beef Club were busy, July 1, at the Virden Agricultural Grounds getting their 4-H animals ready for the Club Achievement Show. The club had 20 members this year along with six Pee Wee members. 

Pee Wee members - Gracie Muir, Casey Nykoliation, Laney George, Conner Elliott, Will Elliott, Oscar Boynton.

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Cloverbud Members – Lincoln Judd, Recklan Gabrielle, Jake Muir, Rachel Jones.

Junior Members – Casey George, Jack Jones, Owen Mytopher, Lane Nykoliation, Coralee Anderson.

Intermediate Members - Clayton Judd, Shane Anderson, Ricki Hill, Jayda Gabrielle, Lucy Boynton, Caden Nolan, Ty Nykoliation.

Senior Members - Jaylin Hill, Wyatt Anderson, Tyler Scott, Herbert Wegner.

Judges for the day were a father/son team, Neil and Cody Carson from Rossburn.

Two past members returned to help with the show: Amanda Scott as the ringperson, Anika Rhodes as Barn Marshall. Donna George kept the day on track as M.C.   

Judging classes started the day in the showring. The judges gave the members some tips and then let them judge and record their placings. Melissa Atchison judged the members’ cards with placings as follows:


Cloverbuds - Recklan Gabrielle 1st; Jake Muir 2nd

Juniors - Lane Nykoliation 1st; Coralee Anderson 2nd

Intermediates - Lucy Boynton 1st; Jayda Gabrielle 2nd

Seniors - Tyler Scott 1st; Jaylin Hill 2nd


Cloverbuds - Recklan Gabrielle 1st; Jake Muir 2nd;

Juniors - Lane Nykoliation 1st; Owen Mytopher 2nd

Intermediates - Ricki Hill 1st; Caden Nolan 2nd

Seniors – Tyler Scott 1st; Jaylin Hill 2nd


Teams of groomers prepared the cattle for the showring. Pee Wee and Cloverbud members worked within their groups as teams. The other members were divided into four teams. 

Top honors to Team 4 – Jaylin Hill, Casey George, Lane Nykoliation, Shane Anderson. 

CONTINUATION HEIFERS, calves at foot (judges commented on all the pairs):

Casey George, Grand Champion (Simmental pair); Jaylin Hill, Reserve Champion.

The five calves returned to the showring. Casey George received Grand Champion; Reserve Champion was Clayton Judd. 

In the Pee Wee Confirmation class, the judges had a difficult time placing this class of calves, so all six members earned a prize for their efforts. 


This class had three age splits.

Group One - Lane Nykoliation 1st; Ty Nykoliation 2nd (both with Angus heifers).

Group Two -  Casey George 1st; Ricki Hill 2nd.

Group Three – (April born heifers) Jaylin Hill 1st; Jayda Gabrielle 2nd. 

From the top two of each group - Grand Champion – Lane Nykoliation (Angus heifer); Reserve Champion - Jaylin Hill (Charolais cross heifer).


Pee Wee (eight participants) – Gracie Muir, Will Elliott, Conner Elliott, Wyatt Atchison, Reese Atchison, Casey Nykoliation, Laney George, Oscar Boynton. The Judges, again, could not pick a top showman, so all earned a prize.  

Senior - Jaylin Hill 1st; Tyler Scott 2nd.

Intermediate- Ty Nykoliation 1st; Jayda Gabrielle 2nd.

Junior - Lane Nykoliation 1st; Owen Mytopher 2nd.

Cloverbud- Recklan Gabrielle 1st; Lincoln Judd 2nd.

Championship:(from top two of each age group). Grand Champion Showman - Ty Nykoliation; Reserve Champion - Jaylin Hill


1110 lbs - 1250 lbs:Coralee Anderson 1st (Simmental cross); Ty Nykoliation 2nd (Angus).

1290 lbs – 1340 lbs (out of five steers): Ricki Hill 1st (Simmental cross); Tyler Scott 2nd (Limousin) 

1350 lbs - 1510 lbs(out of five steers): Casey George 1st; Jaylin Hill 2nd.

Championship(from top two of each weight): Casey George - Grand Champion Steer (Simmental); Jaylin Hill - Reserve Champion (Charolais cross)

Best Pair of Steers(out of five pairs): Tyler Scott & Shane Anderson 1st; Lane and Ty Nykoliation 2nd

A potluck supper finished off a great day with a few more awards to be handed out.  

High Gaining Steer: Shane Anderson & Jaylin Hill tied in 1st place with 665 lb of gain.

Herdsman:Owen Mytopher

All-Around Member:Lucy Boynton. 

Hardest Working:Cloverbud, Jake Muir; Junior, Jack Jones; Intermediate, Shane Anderson; Senior, Wyatt Anderson

The day ended with tired members, but all were proud of their accomplishments.

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