New Virden resident is awarded Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year award was presented to Charlie Main at the Town of Virden Christmas Banquet on Dec. 7.

Main was the single nominee for this year’s honour, named by two individuals – Karen McKinnon (2018 of the Year) and Fran Bayliss.

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Main’s ambitious, capable and dependable help on the 2018 Virden Habitat for Humanity home got the attention of McKinnon, who chaired the Virden Habitat volunteer project.

At the Saturday evening presentation, emcee Councillor Tina Williams read from the two nomination letters.

McKinnon said that Main seemed happiest “when he’s doing things for other people.” She stated that Main is one of the best volunteers she’s ever worked with.

Bayliss, also heavily involved with the Habitat build, also noted in her nomination, “He’s good at going around to the CP Station and the Costume Closet, dealing with the garbage; fixing things in the Costume Closet, helping the volunteers there, as well as being involved in the Community Garden.”

Main serves on the Virden Pioneer Home Museum. His help is appreciated there as well.

Main’s work to clean up around the Youth for Christ center showed true leadership, as Williams pointed out. “He… didn’t just go and do it, he also engaged the kids in it and got them working at it. And we all know that’s how you have to do it, right? You have to come up with a way to engage them. … And he did that with the kids and that has worked really well.”

Williams also commented, “It’s nice to have Charlie getting this award, because he is new, coming into Virden. … It makes everybody feel good when somebody who’s new to town can find so many things they want to become involved in.”

“It’s a privilege to be part of the community” - Main

After the presentation Main graciously stepped to the microphone saying, “I like working in the background, out of sight.”

He paid tribute to those who helped and inspired him

“I can’t take all the credit because, even last year, Karen herself was a very fine example. Her attitude and why she does things is very impressive. That’s what makes me want to do and follow her example.”

Main thanked his wife Faye saying, “Quite often she comes with me and holds the 20-litre pail when we’re picking up garbage. … She, quite often, is the one who gets elected to help me, and she does it willingly.”

Main had words of thanks for Maurice Kernel and the Town employees. “Some of the projects I did, I could not have done without their help, their equipment. Their cooperation was just overwhelming.”

Main has found it is important to find your passion and to serve. “My inner feelings are better than any pay cheque I could ever get. So I thank you very much for giving me this,” he said of the award.  “It’s a privilege to be part of the community.”

The room stood for Charlie Maine as he headed back to his seat in the dining hall.

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