Oak Lake daycare doesn’t win Manitobaville money

But finds silver lining in community support

As many Oak Lake residents know, the Oak Lake CARE Centre made it into the top 10 for this year’s Manitobaville contest put on by Bell Media.

The President of the daycare’s board of directors Hilary Griffith put together a video highlighting the “mud pit” playground. In the video, parents, past board members and staff all talked about the difference the $25,000 would make to the playground.

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Once they received word that they had made the top 10, the voting began. The word was spread to parents, staff, grandparents and town residents.

Many people said they were submitting their 50 votes a day, and when voting became unlimited some people were voting 1,000 times a day.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the group did not win Manitobaville. The winner was announced Aug. 6 and the $25,000 was awarded to the daycare in Rivers.

But plans for the playground upgrades are still going ahead.

In the days following the loss of Manitobaville, the group heard that the local Fusion Credit Union was hosting a barbecue lunch with proceeds going to the playground fund.

Also, Aspen Grove Campground asked the CARE Centre to put on a barbecue lunch at their recent vendor market, with all proceeds going to the playground.

The continuing local support shows that Oak Lake CARE Centre may not have won the top honor of Manitobaville, but Oak Lake is one of the most supportive communities in Manitoba!  

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