Planning summer at the Museum

The Virden Pioneer Home Museum is pleased to begin planning for another wonderful summer season. Due to COVID-19, however, the museum is not yet open to the public. Although no tours can be conducted at this time, the museum staff are working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the summer and follow the guidelines regarding COVID-19. The museum’s tourist information booth in the front porch is, however, still open with travel information provided. Visitors can call or check The Virden Pioneer Home Museum’s social media pages and website for information as to when tours will be open to the public. The museum is also still actively accepting donations towards their Endowment Fund to preserve the history of the museum. The Virden Pioneer Home Museum is looking forward to seeing the faces of Virden citizens and tourists, soon!

Meet the staff:

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Madeline Peters: This is Madeline Peters’ second summer working at the museum. This year, however, she is in the role of Museum Coordinator. Madeline has lived in Brandon, Manitoba for most of her life, but lives in Edmonton during the year to attend the University of Alberta. Although Madeline is a Psychology Major, she loves learning about the history of her home province and has found that much of history is understanding the psychology of the people during that time. After graduating, Madeline plans to become a counsellor. She is looking forward to this summer at the museum and hopes to see everyone there.

Madisen Naughton: Madisen Naughton is one of the assistant curators/tour guides at the Virden Pioneer Home Museum this summer. This is her second year at the museum working there last year as well. Madisen resides a few minutes out of Lenore and in the fall, she is returning to Regina to continue her studies in psychology at the University of Regina. Madisen is excited to come back to the museum this summer because she gets to work with one of her co-workers from last year again and is excited to meet any new comers that join the team later on.



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