Prairie Mountain Region, outbreaks and new cases

COVID-19 Bulletin #309

There are 38 new cases within Prairie Mountain Health Region as of Saturday, Jan. 9. This is about four times the numbers the region was showing in late December. Areas of outbreak include a newly declared outbreak at a shelter in Brandon.


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In the provincial report, 203 new cases were reported and seven deaths– six deaths were in the Winnipeg region and one in the Southern region (Sante Sud). Provincially, the current five-day COVID-19 test positivity rate is 9.9 and 9.4 in Winnipeg.


Within Prairie Mountain Health outbreaks are declared or ongoing in seven institutions and they include three PCHs – Fairview, Gilbert Plains and Grandview. This, according to information Sunday, Jan 10: / The website claims to have been updated on Jan. 10.


Health centres on the list include Benito and Alonsa in the Porcupine health region.


At other institutions where there are outbreaks: Brandon Correctional Centre and most recently at Samaritan House Ministry Safe and Warm Shelter.


Saturday’s COVID-19 data (new cases) shows:
• seven cases in the Interlake–Eastern health region;
• 54 cases in the Northern health region;
• 38 cases in the Prairie Mountain Health region;
• 19 cases in the Southern Health–Santé Sud health region; and
• 85 cases in the Winnipeg health region.

The data also shows:
• 4,664 active cases and 20,769 have recovered from COVID-19;
There are 229 people hospitalized with active COVID-19 and 84 people in hospital who are no longer infectious but continue to require care, for a total of 313 hospitalizations;
33 people are in intensive care units with active COVID-19 as well as four people with COVID-19 who are no longer infectious but continue to require critical care for a total of 37 ICU patients.

Possible exposure locations are listed online by region at the province’s #RestartMB Pandemic Response System webpage. For up-to-date information on possible public exposures to COVID-19 in regions, visit and click on your region.

Additional data related to COVID-19, including data on outbreaks as well as some downloadable and historic data, can be found at

The chief provincial public health officer reminds Manitobans to self-isolate immediately at the onset of possible COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild. This means staying home from work, school or other daily activities. Testing should be done as soon as possible once symptoms appear. For information on COVID-19 symptoms and guidance on when you should get tested, visit

Manitobans should only leave their homes for essential purposes. When leaving the house to obtain essentials, be sure to physically distance, wear a mask in indoor public places and avoid crowded spaces. Do not leave the home if you are sick, or when any member of your family is sick. Further, do not socialize with anyone from outside your household.

Public health officials are also advising that if anyone is symptomatic, or has a household member who is symptomatic, the entire household needs to self-isolate pending COVID-19 test results. For health-care workers, exceptions may apply and staff may be able/required to report to work after contacting their workplace occupational health services or designate. For information on self-isolation, including exceptions, visit

The online COVID-19 self-assessment tool can be found at and COVID-19 symptoms can be found at

For up-to-date information on COVID-19 in Manitoba, visit

For up-to-date information on the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System, visit:


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