RCMP reminder - school bus safety

Westman Staff Sergeant Jo Frizzley has issued a reminder to drivers to slow down in school zones and to use extreme caution around school buses.

Just a few weeks ago, on Oct. 30, three young children were killed while getting on their school bus in Indiana, USA. Wherever there are kids and school buses, safety protocol must be observed.

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Frizzley says, “You MUST stop when the school bus has its red stop sign out and flashing lights, regardless of what side of the road you are travelling on.”

He said that illegally passing a stopped school bus when the lights are flashing will result in a $672 fine, not to mention four demerits from MPI.

The speed limit around school zones in Virden is set 10km/hr lower than the general town’s 40km/hr.

The S. Sgt is also reminding drivers to observe the 30km/hour in the designated school zones.

“With the winter weather settled in, road conditions are not always great, so take extra caution where the children are and ensure you slow down.”

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