Shining & Showing

Car collectors and enthusiasts will be shining their cars in preparation of the second annual Show & Shine held Thursday, Aug. 17 at the kick off for Virden’s Rodeo Daze at the Farmer’s Market location from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Kevin Williams and Murray Davies started the event last year on a whim, and were pleasantly surprised when more than 145 participants registered.

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The Show & Shine is an opportunity for car owners and collectors to come together to share knowledge and to show the results of their hard work restoring and caring for their vehicles.

Kevin Williams is looking forward to co-hosting the event with his friend and fellow car enthusiast Murray Davis.

Williams remembers always being interested in cars, even at age five. By age 14 he was restoring his first car, a 1971 GTX (clone). The car isn’t finished, but he still keeps it at the farm.

Three of the fourteen vehicles Williams owns run and will be at this year’s Show & Shine. They include: a 1965 Volkswagon, a 1952 Fargo with a vintage camper, and a 1959 Fargo that his son Nicholas and daughter-in-law Ashton own. He also has a 1951 Dodge Panel truck that he is working on to be his wife, Cheryl’s daily driving vehicle, which will also be used to pull a vintage camper.

Whether or not Williams gets the other 10 vehicles he is working on complete is not a concern for him. Williams says, “If I am to be honest, I enjoy the fixing of the cars about as much as driving them.”

Williams believes in sharing his passion with his children, and keeping kids involved for the next generation of car enthusiasts. “Besides, who else is going to take me to the car shows when I get old and can’t drive anymore,” jokes Williams. His son Nicholas has a 1972 Chev van that will also be displayed at this year’s Show & Shine in Virden.

Brandon Cruise Nite on Sept. 7 will be Williams’ next stop with his cars after the Virden show. He says it is great how car clubs make their rounds attending each others events. He hopes to some day establish a car club right in Virden and westman area.

Kevin Williams has been collecting and restoring cars since e was 14 years old. 

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