Siemens dedicated to gridiron Wolverines

Kola’s Dustin Siemens does all he can for the Westman Wolverines football team.

The son of Kelvin and Pat Siemens plays multiple positions on offence and is a key contributor on special teams. As well, the third-year player for the Manitoba Major Junior Football League team leads by example.

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“Dusty plays with a ton of heart and he gives everything he has on every play,” Wolverines head coach Brady Dane said. “I truly do not think anyone is as dedicated to this team right now as Dusty.”

The Brandon-based Wolverines provide a place for Westman athletes to keep playing the game they love close to home while working or going to school. Siemens juggles football with working on his parents’ cattle ranch.


Siemens said, “What makes me dedicated to the Wolverines is I’m at every practice and game and I love playing football. I love playing for the Westman Wolverines. I love hanging out with all the guys on the team. I am proud to call myself a Wolverine.”

The team is certainly pleased to have a player with Siemens’ versatility and willingness to do what he can to help.

“Dusty is selfless player who does so many different things for our team,” Dane said. “He plays running back and slot on the offence, while also playing on every phase of special teams.”

Siemens enjoys something different about each position. As a running back, he said he likes “running all over a defence - making myself feel unstoppable.”

As a slotback, Siemens is counted on not only as a receiver but also as a key blocker. When asked about the position, he said he enjoys “running routes and making really nice cuts to get myself open. I enjoy making a great block for the running back when a run comes my way so the running back can gain more yards.”

Whether he is in the backfield or lining up in the slot, Dane said that “Dusty is a shifty runner with the ball in his hands, and he usually makes the first defender to get to him miss.”

In regard to returning kicks, Siemens said, “I love having a great kick return so the offence has good field position.” The Wolverines also utilize him in special teams coverage.

“On kickoff and punt, I love running down the field and making a tackle on the returner,” said Siemens, who has two years of eligibility remaining with the Wolverines.


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