Still Red, but can get a haircut Saturday, Jan. 23

Premier Brian Pallister explained a limited opening will take effect on Jan. 23 and continue for three weeks. It allows for to a little more visiting, shopping, getting haircuts and certain health services. He said, “We don’t want this to be a yo-yo effect…” The goal is to go forward on a steady trajectory in Manitoba.

The survey at EngageMB received 100,000 responses. Based upon that along with health advice changes to the COVID protocols will take effect on Saturday, Jan. 23.

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Going forward on Saturday, visiting in homes will be limited to two designated people to attend inside another residence. Manitobans are not to visit with multiple groups of two different people, which would make for many more contacts. Rather, visitors are to be within a bubble.

Outdoors, five additional people can gather in a residential yard, plus the family.

Funerals can include 10 people plus the officiant.

For shoppers, the essential items list is gone and all products can be purchased. However, stores can only allow 25 per cent occupancy.

Basic physical and mental health providers can be visited with physical distancing and contract tracing.

Dr. Roussin said that some elective surgeries are going ahead, but there’s no specific date of when a full slate will be addressed.

Also, Manitobans can now visit their hair dresser or barber, provided there is a contact tracing list kept and the business can allow only 25 per cent occupancy. The service is limited to hair care, not nails or other services.

Pallister said the COVID variants are not here yet, but could be any day, and the vaccines aren’t here yet for many.

He asks people to follow the rules. “We don’t have enough people to check if you’re following the rules. We’re asking you to follow the rules. There’s real reason for caution.”

He reiterated all the protocols of hand washing, distancing, covering a cough, staying home when ill and basically not going out except out of necessity.


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