The two schools of Two Creeks

There’s a plan to erect a cairn where West Two Creeks School stood, to be unveiled Aug. 11, 2019. Here is a brief history of Two Creeks community and of two schools in the district: West Two Creeks School and Ross School.

There were no municipalities in the late 1800s when Two Creeks School was built. The Two Creeks District ran for ten miles (16 kms) along the south side of the Assiniboine Valley; it was five miles (eight kms) wide from northwest to the southeast, where the first settlers in the area started arriving from England, Scotland and other places.

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The town of Two Creeks consisted of a station, stock yards, elevator, store, post office, curling rink and some homes. 

The very first Two Creeks School #339, circa 1886, was a wood frame building located on SE 4-13-27. The district and the school were named after the nearby joining of two creeks just to the north.

A second Two Creeks School #339, a red brick building, was built in 1920 on SW 3-13-27.

It was later called the West Two Creeks School (about 1939), to distinguish between the community and the school, judging by the write up in the "Prairie Neighbours" history book (1881 to 1981).

Since January 1959, West Two Creeks had been operated as part of the Miniota Municipal School District. The school was used until it closed in August 1966 and remained on its original site where the building was used occasionally as a community centre.

West Two Creeks School was demolished in 2014 by the municipality. At present, it is commemorated by a metal sign.

Ross School

Another school in the district, Ross Consolidated School, was situated close to the railway siding of Two Creeks along Highway 83, a landmark brick structure which remained until 2017.

Originally, Ross School #1782, was a wood-frame structure first built in 1888 on SE 1/4 of 33-12-26, named after the town of Ross on the River Wye in Herefordshire, England.

A second building of Ross School was a two-storey yellow brick building, built in 1915 and opened on Jan. 1 of 1916, on NW 19-12-26. It was this school building that was destroyed by an act of arson in September of 2017.



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