VCI Drama Students to present evening of entertainment

On Monday, June 3, the talented VCI students enrolled in second term drama classes will present a showcase variety evening that includes speech choir, monologues, two plays, and a theatrical dance. The show will feature 34 VCI students from Gr. 9 - 12.

The Gr. 9 students will present a clever and thought-provoking play called Hoodie. The play contains various short scenes that speak to the teenage desire to fit in and be part of the crowd, as well as other very recognizable teenage situations. It is a wonderful showcase for all the skills the students have learned these past few months.

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The Gr. 10 -12 students have worked on a very entertaining play called Law and Order: A Fairytale Unit. In this play, the audience will meet characters with names that allude to their fairy tale characters - H. D. (Humpty Dumpty), Cindy, Zelle, Ugly D, Pinocchio, Merm, Stiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Gold, Three Pigs, Fairy Godmother, Captain, Wick, Jack and Jill, Hansel and Gretel, the Seven Dwarfs, and, the guilty until proven innocent, Mr. Wolf.  So many students in this group have grown so very much as performers.

The two classes will each present two speech choir pieces – classic poetry by William Ernest Henley and Maya Angelou, and contemporary song lyrics from The Greatest Showman and Broadway sensation Hamilton. Teacher Michelle Chyzyk has stressed the importance of students exploring such masterpieces and discovering the message in each one. It is an excellent opportunity to build teamwork and work on speaking skills.

The Grade 9 students will perform some challenging choreography created by Brandon’s Kristen Yuel – a library scene gone wild!

Festival committee members will be in attendance to present some festival trophies and scholarships to these talented students. It will be a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Please join us Monday, June 3at 7:30 p.m. at the Virden AUD Theatre.


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