Virden Lions Club on the move, meeting in new venue

New Lions plus coveted award

Virden Lions are no longer using their own Lions Hall for their large meetings and they have decided to stop renting out their clubroom to other groups during COVID-19 strict rules. “We have decided against…renting it effective November 1, 2020,” says media rep for the club, Barry O’Grady.

The club would be held responsible if a renter was to break the gathering/social distancing rules. O’Grady said that with the fine for a busines recently set at $5,000, it is just not worth the risk.

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“A few weeks ago, we had a representative from Manitoba Health visit us, at our request, to explain our obligations and ultimate liability should a renter get caught or should we be responsible for starting a cluster.”

The club will start renting their building again when the rules soften. Under the current rules, the club room is too small for all their own members to gather and O’Grady says, “We are very grateful to the Town in offering part of TOGP for our meetings.”



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