Virden Music & Arts Festival

Singing is on now and piano opens Wednesday

Adjudicator Avonlea Armstrong-Green of Winnipeg worked with vocal performers at Virden Music & Arts Festival on Monday, April 8.

She encouraged the performers to express emotion in musical theatre pieces, and use the whole stage. She demonstrated the stylistic difference between pop and folk and encouraged a shy performer to take a deep breath and start over. The sessions were a pleasure to attend.

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Piano classes start on Wednesday afternoon in Virden Aud Theatre with adjudicator Mary Jo Carrabre, the Brandon Centre Representative for the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. There is an exciting line-up of selections throughout the week including folk, and pop music (Pink Panther Theme and Yellow Submarine).

Coming right up on Wednesday are senior students playing the thrilling music of composers such as Schumann, Kabalevsky and Chris Norton.

Later in the afternoon on Wednesday, Roger Hurst is entered to play a Clementi Sonata in the Adult Class.  These, just to name a few.

Also sure to be fun, there are three Trio groups performing Thursday evening. From Virden, Paige, Eric and Shelby Rampton play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Suzie Kroeker, Angela Kroeker and Debbie Thiessen of Oak lake will play Scarborough Fair. And, One Piano Six Hands will feature Raphial, Elise and Tianna Fehr of Oak Lake. And of course, there are duets too.


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