Virden students protest climate change

“They have the power to make a difference like Greta did.” –VJH Teacher

They had planned to go outdoors to stage their protest against climate change, but a heavy rainfall kept them indoors last Thursday afternoon.

So the students of Virden Junior High took their handmade signs and marched through the halls of their school, demanding change.

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Then, in solidarity with millions of others around the world recognizing Global Climate Strike week, they laid down and “died” in the gym, a sea of blue t-shirts representing the ocean and the circle on the floor representing the Earth.

Teachers Regan Brereton-Waller (Gr. 5) and Keely Woods (Gr. 6) organized the event and got buy-in from about three quarters of the student body. The kids also learned about climate change and about all the countries marking Climate Strike week along with them.

Brereton-Waller said, “I think it’s so important that they know what’s happening in the world and know they have the power to make a difference, like Greta (Thunberg) did.”   


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