VJH teacher recovering from COVID

Further news has come to light regarding the staff member at Virden Junior High who has tested positive for COVID-19. To be forthright and dispel needless questions and worry, Janet Yochim has provided the information that she tested positive for the virus (see front page story).

Principal Don Nahachewsky said in a letter on April 14 to VJH staff and school community:

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“I would like everyone to be aware that VJH now has a positive case of COVID-19. Janet Yochim has reported to me that she is positive. She has not been in the school since April 9 and is isolating at home. The school is being sanitized this afternoon.”

Superintendent Barry Pitz advised that Yochim gave consent to be named. “She’s obviously concerned about her colleagues, the kids and her community. It’s a very goodwill gesture.”

Yochim is a leader in the community, loved by many and Pitz said of her openness, “I am impressed by Janet.”

He said there were no kids in school on Friday, April 9, when Yochim would have been contagious. Only one other staff has been identified as a possible contact and is being monitored.

Healthwise, in an email conversation on Thursday, April 15, Yochim advised Pitz that she’s doing well.

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