Wellview Golf Clubhouse - Grand Opening

The brand new Wellview Golf Clubhouse celebrated its Grand Opening on Saturday, May 11. The celebration was two years and two days after the original clubhouse was destroyed by fire in 2017.

The new clubhouse with a restaurant, bar and golf supplies, seats about 100 people. There are also wraparound balconies with tables, chairs and umbrellas, which can seat an additional 50 people.

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The restaurant opened for business earlier this spring on April 6, and the course itself came into play shortly after that.

To formally celebrate the completion of the new facility, Wellview Golf Club threw a free barbecue.

Approximately 200 members and clubhouse supporters attended the day of socializing, which included barbequed burgers and side dishes, topped-off with golf-themed decorated cakes.

Door prizes were handed out to a few lucky winners.

Tundra Oil & Gas sponsored the barbeque and supplied volunteers to help cook and serve for the afternoon.  

Wellview Golf Club is appreciative of the many who lent their support, making the grand opening a reality!


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