Whitecloud has strong following

NHL player Zach Whitecloud is in the Stanley Cup playoffs as his team faces the Montreal Canadiens. In a game tomorrow night the Canadiens could wrap the semi, but it's not over yet and there's fans on the edge of their seat here in SW Manitoba.  

The son of Tim Whitecloud and Donna Cullen is the NHL's first Indigenous player from the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. When asked about representing Sioux Valley, Whitecloud said “it means everything.” (Empire-Advance, Jan. 2021, Robin Wark)

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Whitecloud says, “(Being able to) represent them well in the manner that makes them proud is always exciting for me. I try to stay in communication with people from there, mainly through my dad … I get a lot of messages from my dad from people back home and all over Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Ontario. The people support me in a manner that I never thought would happen. I’m very thankful for the community of Sioux Valley.”


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