X-country scooter rider stops in Virden

Rich Adams is crossing the country this summer for a cause he deeply believes in.

That's not so unusual, but unlike previous self-propelled travellers passing through Manitoba using foot or bicycle power, Adams is using a supply-laden scooter (complete with a solar panel to charge his devices) to go from east to west. 

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Last week, when the weather was still sunny and warm, he stopped in Virden and rested up at the Alex Hotel in a room generously donated by the owners. 

The Calgary traveller made time to discuss his mission with all who asked. (That story coming next week in the Virden Empire-Advance.) And then he left Manitoba, entered Saskatchewan and promptly met a woman also from Calgary going in the other direction and ALSO on a scooter!

Ann Cognito is wheeling to Ottawa with her dog to push for federal action on climate change. When this was written, on Sunday, June 16, she had arrived in Virden in the rain and was also put up at the Alex. 

You can find both on Facebook if you want to follow their journeys: 

Rich Adams journey

Ann Cognito's journey: Expedition to Waken the Nation.


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