Bumper crop for charity

“We’re going to need all the trucks we can get…” – Don Neufeld

Some 280 acres of wheat was turned into 18,403 bushels for a Kola based Canadian Foodgrains Bank charity on Aug. 23.  The Crossborders Community Project yielded almost 77 bu. per acre of red spring wheat.

Every August there is dinner in the field with business supporters provide a barbecue in an adjoining yard site and once again, community support turned out as the wheat rolled in.

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Half-way through the afternoon Kola farmer and project organizer Don Neufeld said, “We’ve had an unbelievably good turnout this yea, for the barbecue and for the harvest.

“We have more tucks this year than we’ve ever had. Eight big grain haulers. We’re going to need all the trucks we can get – we actually have a really good wheat crop this year – fantastic.”

Nine self-propel combines comb the quarter section.

Along with a heavy crop, it’s grading No. 1

“This is some of the nicest wheat we’ve grown, probably in 10 years!” That means the heads were full of kernels and the kernels filled well.

“It’s just beautiful wheat. Some years it doesn’t do that,” said Neufeld.

Days later, summing up the value for the CFGB project, Neufeld said the crop was valued at $130,600.

Helping the hungry

Regional representative for Canadian Foodgrains Bank (Winnipeg) Gordon Janzen attended the barbecue.  “The proceeds from this will be matched by the government 4/1 and will be used by the member agencies in countries like Ethiopia, Sudan - in places where there’s conflict, where there’s need.”

Janzen oversees Manitoba and NW Ontario projects. He said, “Rain is needed right across the province. But even with the dry conditions, we’re pleased.”

He sees a double blessing in a day like this harvest at Kola.

“This allows the families to be involved. What I appreciate is the community coming together. We’re working for a common cause.”

He said it is easy, in Canada, to forget that many people are hungry.

“According to UN statistics, there’s 815 million people who are hungry in the world today – one out of nine that don’t have enough.”

Janzen notes that businesses are joining forces with the farm community for this charity.

“We were just introduced to some of the businesses here before our lunch. They’re a part of it as well.”


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