Prairie View Municipality meeting

Prairie View Municipality held a regular meeting Sept. 12. Members present were Clark, Bertram, Butler, Fulcher, Howard, Oliver, Salmon, and Wilson. Staff present were CAO Collier and Executive Assistant Bonner.

• The following accounts issued in the months of August and September 2017, were approved for payment: General Disbursements and pre-authorized payments amounting to $622,620.23, and other payments and payroll in the amount of $175,432.94.

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• Council acknowledged the amendment to the funding agreement with the Manitoba Water Services Board to conduct CCTV analysis for the Birtle Sewer Network. 

• Prairie View Municipality approved Conditional Use Permit #12-PV-17 regarding: Alvin Wollman representing the landowner Decker Holding Co. Ltd. of the property legally described as NE 25-15-25W in the Prairie View Municipality for a Conditional Use Permit to provide for the establishment of a wastewater collection system, and a wastewater treatment lagoon in the “AG” Agricultural General Zone. The applicant is responsible to obtain all permits required from the Mid-West Planning District.
• Council accepted the resignation of Brenda Marshall-Wilson effective Sept. 5.

• Robin Hunter was hired for the position of Recreation Director effective Sept. 11.

• Bobbi-Jean Fleury was placed in the Public Works/Relief Utility Operator Position, effective Sept. 18.

• Council designated the Hooper's Lake Buck Night on Nov. 25 as a community event.

• All councilors have been authorized to attend the Park West Fibre Optic Cooperative Grand Lighting Ceremony on Sept. 15.
• Council approved Stantec Consulting Ltd. to proceed with Option 2 to repair DFA Site #35 located on Road 85N between PTH #83 and Roads 164.

• Council accepted the recommendations of Stantec Consulting for Disaster Financial Assistance Flood Site #36 (located on Road 146W between Roads 80N and 81N) to proceed to send out request for proposal to conduct a hydrologic investigation and hydraulic analysis, and that temporary repairs commence to fix the road. 

• Council authorized attendance at the following MMAA Courses: Carol Bonner - Municipal By-Law Enforcement MMAA course on Sept. 29 in Brandon; Shatara Martin - Finance, Jan. 2018, in Portage la Prairie.

• The proposed construction of a second dwelling unit on the NW 5-16-26W in the Agricultural General Zone as per R.M. of Birtle Zoning By-Law #2010-02 was approved.

• The request by LUD of Miniota, that Prairie View Municipality apply to the 2017-2018 Community Development Program for additional hanging planters and new brackets on Main Street and Highway 83, and to apply for green space improvements to the Memory Garden, has been approved.

• The Council approved the request from the Birtle Community Hall Board that Prairie View Municipality be responsible for the hall bookings and rental billings effective Sept. 13.

• The CAO has been authorized to provide funding to the Parkwest Regional Employment & Development Corporation in the 2018 year based on the per capita rate of $1.12.

• The CAO and the Assistant CAO have been authorized to attend the AMM Convention in Brandon Nov. 27-29.

• Council will request a meeting with the RCMP “D” Division at the AMM Convention.

• The RM entered into a Development Agreement with Delbert Cole to provide access to Lot 2 Plan 37206 through Lot 1 Plan 37206 owned by Prairie View Municipality provided that Lot 2 will be developed.

• The drainage application on the NW 1/4 35-17-25W subject to the applicant, Murray Swereda, receiving a drainage application license from Sustainable Development was approved.

• By-Law # 2016 being a by-law to provide for election by wards was carried.
• The CAO was authorized to draft a by-law to appeal By-Law 2017-01 Reduced Speed School Zones.

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