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Lloydminster – There’s a lot of things you might expect to see at an oil show, but a bale of aluminum that used to be part of a tanker truck is not one of them.

Yet that was precisely what Paul Klaasen had at his PWM Steel Services booth at the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show on Sept. 12-13.

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Klaasen said they had put in a non-ferrous baler in May of this year. It’s meant for copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

“We can cut up the tankers the truckers use,” he said. “We can cut them up, bale and process them.

“Codes have changed. Tankers that don’t meet code, we can process them.

“We recently put in the baler to be more efficient, to produce a better product. Then our buyer doesn’t have to do anything, he just takes it, verifies what it is, and ships it,” Klaasen said.

The resultant bales end up going all over, into smelters in the U.S., and even offshore.

Another bale in the booth was made up of insulated copper. A third was a bale of aluminum irrigation pipe.

Klaasen said there was lots of interest at the oil show, with people seeing what they could do.

“We always do something different,” he said of their booths every two years. “It’s a cheap way of networking. To guys who don’t show up, I say, come say hello to you current customers. You might get a new customer.”

Klaasen said he was a “huge” believer in the show. “You never know what you’ll attract, right?”

“I’m a firm believer in this show, especially if you’re local,” he concluded. 

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