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Navigate energy-efficient window and door renovations: 6 expert tips for homeowners

Ecoline Windows shares the latest industry trends, valuable tips and their initiatives to help homeowners in Canada save big on retrofitting
Ecoline has been helping homeowners achieve their dream homes for 20 years.

Energy-efficient home upgrades are in high demand among homeowners in Canada, driven by federal and provincial incentives to support sustainability and green living. With the Canadian government actively encouraging homeowners to pursue energy-efficient retrofits and windows being recognized as one of the top renovations for high return on investment, staying ahead of the industry trends has never been more crucial. 

As homeowners across Canada consider upgrading their windows and doors for enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability, Ecoline Windows—a leading window and door company in Canada—offers invaluable advice to ensure the success of these projects. 

1. Buy and install only ENERGY STAR-certified products

According to Ecoline’s vice president of sales Matan Korin, Energy Star windows and doors meet the highest energy efficiency standards and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Moreover, installing certified units allows homeowners to use federal and provincial programs to finance replacement projects.

Matan Korin. Photo by Ecoline Windows

2. Choose in-house installers

When signing a contract with your window company, check if they install their products. More often than not, companies may use third-party installers to provide installation jobs, which leads to many issues with warranty packages later due to the absence of in-house installation.

Ecoline specializes in supplying and installing high-quality, energy-efficient windows and doors. Their product range is extensive, covering vinyl windows in all popular styles, fibreglass and steel exterior doors, patio doors and blinds. With Ecoline every homeowner can ensure that their needs are met with precision and care.

3. Ask for energy specifications

“Always ensure you get a complete list of your window's energy specifications included in the quote and contract,” says Korin, who has been with Ecoline Windows since 2013. This helps in case the company installs a less energy-efficient one at a higher price.

4. Use available government grants and rebates

These financial incentives can make energy-efficient upgrades more accessible and affordable, providing substantial savings on initial investments. Check your local city's websites for information regarding available government initiatives, eligibility criteria and how to apply.

In a move that underscores Ecoline's commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, the company recently launched the Ecoline Green Grant. This initiative aims to help homeowners who didn't have a chance to use the now-concluded Canada Greener Homes federal program to install new windows and doors while saving big. 

The Ecoline Green Grant offers up to $3,750 for window, exterior, or patio door replacements without restrictions on property type or specific products. All Energy Star models are eligible. Moreover, homeowners don't need to do costly home energy inspections, making energy-efficient upgrades more accessible and appealing.

5. Clarify warranty terms

A reliable company should offer at least a 20-year warranty on product and labour. Read the fine print to avoid common lifetime warranty pitfalls when the company charges you tons of money for labour when fixing cracked glass units or damaged frames.

6. Deal with a reliable window company

Trust professional installers. Photo by Ecoline Windows

Homeowners should diligently check reviews and references to choose a brand that stands behind their work.

Ecoline Windows is at the forefront of the Canadian windows and doors industry. Started 20 years ago in Edmonton as a small company, Ecoline has expanded its reach from coast to coast, serving clients in six provinces and over 20 cities, with showrooms and warehouses in all major urban centers.

For more information on Ecoline’s products and services, visit

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