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Haunted Happenings in Reston

As the summer holiday draws to a close the Reston recreation director stirrs up some fun.

Whitney Hodgins is the Recreation Attendant at the Reston Campground and the mastermind behind an exciting event on Sept. 1 at the Campground on Lake Avenue.

“There was no contest for best costume, however, there were booths manned by representatives of local businesses in the community and activities folks could participate in for treats,” says Hodgins. She adds that campers were also invited to participate as well.

Hodgins says all activities were marked with a pylon so as not to disturb anyone camping who did not wish to participate. It was a family friendly, all ages event.

“The planned activities were a mixture of classic games we did at carnivals as kids and previous activities I held over the entire summer while working as a recreation attendant,” replies Hodgins.

Some of the highlights of the evening were a pine-cone toss similar to a beanbag toss, except using pine cones to face off against friends and win some treats. Treasure hunting at the Beach, previously called Archaeology at the Beach back in July was a huge hit among campers and community members. “This time the stakes were higher and it was play for keeps,” adds Hodgins. She says whoever found the hidden buried treasure, got to keep what they found!

Bobbing for candy is a classic carnival activity but instead of getting the apples they got candy. While being serenaded by Halloween music, people relaxed by the campfire, made smores and sipped hot chocolate to warm up.

Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, Spider Trap Stealth Check was a game where you rolled for stealth and tried to take back the candy that the menace of a spider stole from you at the campground.

“All activities, booths and most importantly our edible stuff could not have been made possible without the help of our community businesses who sponsored the event in one way or another,” adds Hodgins. “Without them, Haunted Happenings would not have been the success it was.

This was Hodgins summer activities wrap as the recreation attendant this summer. She's back at Brandon University for the fall.


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