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World Series

The biggest thing happening in sports right now are the World Series playoffs. In the NL, I like the noname Milwaukee Brewers beating the over-rated Dodgers in six while in the AL take the defending WS champions from Houston to out pitch the floundering Boston Red Sox in five.

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Trivia time, name the only two franchises that have never even appeared in a World Series?



What's happening to some of our professional sports? Negative aspects in each of these respective sports have started to creep into the game and it's turning off many fans who otherwise absolutely love their favourite game but now shudder and cringe at what's happening to them. There is also no doubt that it's going to turn off and maybe even prevent many people from even considering becoming a fan of certain sports. Step back and look at what's happening in the sporting world.


In hockey, the NHL is beginning to resemble the “No Hit League", with hardly any meaningful body checks being thrown during the course of a game. No one wants to see goon hockey return like back in the days of the Flyers' Broad Street Bullies but surely delivering a few solid legal body checks isn't asking too much.

Ever since the league slapped Washington forward Tom Wilson with a 20-game suspension (in which he loses $1.26 million of his salary) for his cowardly defenceless blind side hit on a St. Louis player, every player in the league is now playing "shinny on the pond" or road hockey with little or no contact and it's boring as hell. Let's hope play intensifies as the season progresses.


In MLB baseball, with the World Series now in full swing, it's suppose to be and should be the most exciting part of the season but it isn't because there are so many things that occur during the game that slows it down to a crawl, again making it (yawn).... boring.

Most fans lose interest because games shouldn't take over four hours to complete but thanks to numerous pitching changes (11 in one game), too many visits to the mound by the catcher and/or managers, batters stepping out and unzipping and then re-fastening their gloves and so on, it becomes "Dullsville" man. If MLB is so concerned about this slow pace of play, as they say they are, then do something about it.


And finally, to the most profitable sports league in North America, the NFL, which used to stand for the "No Fun League" because of how they used to penalize many of the players' cherished choreographed touchdown celebrations.

Luckily after so many complaints from players, coaches and more importantly fans, the league thankfully decided to lighten up this season and allow the players to express themselves more artistically by using their short creative celebrations. Some are simply priceless! The other pro leagues could take a lesson from the NFL and openly welcome the 21st century by incorporating rules that make the game faster, more enjoyable and entertaining for their fans.


Trivia answer, the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos).  Until next time....

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