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Adult bestseller:

Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson: Didi is finally getting the publicity that eluded her all of her life. The ex-beauty queen worked the Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator 20 years ago, too busy to spare some time for her daughter Remmi. Remmi knows that the woman dressed in Didi’s clothes and wig isn’t her mother and tries to convince someone to search for her. She hasn’t seen her mother since she was fifteen and then saw her mother hand one of her newborn twins to a man she didn’t recognize. Immediately her mother and one twin disappeared. Remmi wants to find her mother and her half-siblings.

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Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber: Annie heads for one place that will offer her sanctuary and that will make her happy again, Oceanside in the Pacific Northwest, the destination for many family vacations when she was younger. That was where she met Keaton, a gentle giant who was enamoured with her from first glance but was too shy to talk to her, even when she was leaving with her family at the end of their vacation. When an opportunity of a new journey arrives, she is not sure whether to leave the safe, secure home that she has made.

Unbridled by Diana Palmer: The Long, Tall Texans series. Texas Ranger, John Ruiz, a single father, tracks the roughest criminals in the Lone Star state. He’s surprised when he meets the beautiful nurse who is caring for his young son. Sunny has devoted her life to saving others. When she needs help, a mysterious rancher is there to support her.

Murder in Paradise by James Patterson: ‘First time in print’ Three thrilling novels in one book with three different co-authors.

Texas Ranger by James Patterson:  Officer Rory Yates comes home to a murder charge. Rory's discipline and law-enforcement skills have taken him from being a local highway patrolman to the honourable ranks of the Texas Rangers. After a tough case in Waco, he has decided to take some time off to recharge with his family and friends in his small hometown, only to be confronted with his ex-wife's death.

Adult fiction:

It All Falls Down by Sheen Kamal: A thriller. Nora encounters deadly trouble as she searches for the truth about her late father on a trek from Vancouver to Detroit where he grew up.

The Eye in the Door by Pat Barker: The second book in the Regeneration trilogy.

Adult non-fiction:

Company’s Coming: Most Loved Cookies by Jean Pare

And the Band Played On; politics, people, and the AIDS epidemic by Randy Shilts

Junior fiction:

Going Wild by Lisa McCann

Junior picture book:

Play House by Robert Munsch

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