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Apr. 18, 2019

Adult bestseller:

Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong: A thriller. Rockton, Yukon. Casey, one of three on the police force, has already faced murder, arson and falling in love in the first several months that she has lived there. A US marshal arrives, demanding the release of one of the residents, but won't say who. Casey and her boyfriend the sheriff are skeptical. Then just hours later something happens to the marshal.

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Never Tell by Lisa Gardner: A thriller. Flora, victim-turned-vigilante, recognizes Evie's husband. He used to spend time with her kidnapper, Jacob Ness. She wonders if there were more victims and has her silence hurt them?

The Girl from the Savoy by Hazel Gaynor: London, 1923. Two young women with very different pasts meet. Dolly Lane is the Savoy's newest chambermaid with dreams of the stage. She is in close proximity to the dazzling hotel guests, one in particular, her idol, Loretta May. They meet, with Loretta befriending Dolly, coaching and encouraging her.

The Homecoming by Andrew Pyper: "What if everything you knew about the people you love was a lie?"

Silent Night by Danielle Steel: Paige, the daughter of Hollywood royalty, lives to promote her nine-year-old daughter, Emma, who is playing a central role in a hit TV show. But all it took was a distracted moment when Paige and Emma were driving home on the freeway and life changed for them. Paige's sister, on holiday in Italy, had to quickly change her plans and her life to care for Emma.

Adult biography:

Keeping My Sisters' Secrets by Beezy Marsh: The moving true story of three sisters born into poverty and their fight for survival.

All My Mother's Secrets by Beezy Marsh: A powerful true story of poverty, sacrifice and love lost and found.

Adult fiction:

Days by Moonlight by Andre Alexis: The hour of the wolf - when the sun is setting and the traveler can't tell the difference between dog and wolf.

Adult inspirational:

Pewter Angels by Henry Ripplinger, Book one in The Angelic Letters series: First of a five-part Christian romance series. Henry resides in Lumsden, Saskatchewan. The summer of 1956 starts as usual for 15-year-old Henry Pedersen, then Jenny and her family move in three houses down. Their lives intertwine for the next 50 years.

Adult non-fiction:

A Girl Named Lovely: one child's miraculous survival and my journey to the heart of Haiti by Catherine Porter

Young adult fiction:

Pretend She's Here by Luanne Rice



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