A parallel of unprecedented events … at Easter

COVID-19 community protective measures are like a pail of icy water tossed over the world’s economic systems. Health-wise, COVID-19 has cast a long shadow on people everywhere. Socially, the time to celebrate Easter / or and Passover is here, but we can’t celebrate together.


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This COVID-19 season has parallels with Easter - a day in history at this very time of year when a Jewish man from the Middle East was put to death by agonizing means. The account of the incident tells of a previous 12 hours during which this man named Joshua or Jesus, loved by common folks as a leader, a teacher, miracle worker and even as Divine, suffered emotional trauma, rejection by his closest friends, a vicious beating, sleeplessness and interrogation.

History also records that he who gave hope to so many was nailed to heavy wood beams suspended in the air along with two others, criminals and strangers.

According to canonized scripture, the crucifixion began about 9 a.m. and by noon it was dark, until Jesus died at three p.m. Why was it dark? That has been debated, but the unprecedented darkness is a matter of record.

For all of us the COVID-19 pandemic, self-isolation and distancing is absolutely unprecedented. As a rule, you cannot / should not now visit family living in a different home. If you do see them, it needs to be with at least six feet of separation. Hugs are gestures. Meaningful, but not the same as touching.

The separation of families and friends is painful. Joblessness, financial loss, is difficult. It’s a type of death to all we know, threatening our sense of purpose. Meanwhile others are strained by over-work by difficult work, even dangerous work.

However, the historical account associated with Easter also tells of an impossible, unprecedented resurrection. From a cave guarded by armed military, the entrance blocked by a boulder, Jesus emerged alive, visited friends, and left a mandate with his followers - all witnessed and documented. He blew people’s minds.

In December of 2019, we were attacked by an unseen enemy, a microscopic invader that got access to humanity first on the other side of the globe. Who knew a virus could stop the cogs of machinery of daily life as it has done?

But keep your head up. Answers are coming which seem inconceivable now. Just as there was resurrection at Easter (the time of the Jewish Passover), an answer will be found that will bring us out of this hug-less, isolated time.

For now, it’s one-day-at-a-time. We can find personal growth of patience, peace and faith in this time of change. Growth that will serve us well when the world comes alive again and we are amazed.

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