Newspaper Week

It’s National Newspaper Week!  

For the staff of the Virden Empire-Advance, every week is newspaper week, but on Newspaper Week, even we are pausing to be mindful about why we do what we do.

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Newspaper Week is an opportunity to consider just what VEA means to Virden and area readership.

People share their troubles, triumphs and appreciation publicly, through the paper.

Medical staff, friends and family are thanked. The intimacy of community life is shared. Even long-lost friendships are revived, like our recent story of Margaret and Nina reunited through our pages.

Obituaries have always been an important part of the newspaper. There is nothing as important or interesting as sharing and reading the life story of a citizen.

The bulk of newsprint subscriptions go to Virden mailboxes. In addition, over 220 subscribers in nearby communities also receive the paper. Their news goes into Virden’s paper.

Beyond this, stacks of newspapers are sold through a half-dozen store outlets in Virden and in other communities.

And beyond this, the newspaper travels far and wide throughout Canada to people with Virden area connections. The Manitoba Legislature receives the Virden Empire-Advance. And, it is archived here in our office.

The newspaper provides a historical record of our time.

If you know someone new in town, give them a copy of the Empire-Advance. They will get to know some local names, keep up with politics, events, fun news and even some serious news.

And, to get the big picture of the power of newspaper journalism, go to and pledge your support.

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