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Tax change hurts lowest income earners

Dear Mr. Piwniuk,

I must say I am incredibly disappointed in the Manitoba government for passing an amendment to the Education Property Tax Credit that will primarily affect lower income families who are already suffering from increases to MB Hydro rates, increased costs to food and other necessities due to rising costs of transportation, and other costs we incur.

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As a single mother who is employed part-time, I barely make ends meet some months, winter-time being especially difficult with the rising heat and energy costs, not to mention holidays.

This amendment will likely only affect those of us who cannot afford this extra cost. Those who can afford larger homes that have higher property tax bills likely won't notice much, if any, difference. Why is it that the lowest income earners are typically the ones that get hit the hardest? 

I would like to know how the Manitoba government plans to offset such a ridiculous increase to our living costs? For example, my own property taxes payable will increase by almost $500 per year! I have attached my 2018 Property Tax Bill to show you just how much this will affect me, and so many others like me that are doing the best we can just to survive and provide the necessities for our families. 

Amanda Isaac 

Reston, MB

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