Letter to the Editor Empire-Advance reader says thank you, kudos

Sharon Johnson on pulpit supply at Elkhorn United Church on Sunday, Oct. 6, told us all to “show gratitude”. So I would like to show gratitude to our local paper, Virden Empire-Advance.

In the last two issues (Sept. 27 and Oct. 4) they have been giving honour to all our local heroes. Thank you for that!

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Sept. 27 issue:

  1. Kelvon Smith, by Anne Davison
  2. Bert Cosens, by Anne Davison
  3. John Graham, by Heather Reimer
  4. Virden Oilmen’s Golf Tournament
  5. Peter Galawan, by Heather Reimer
  6. Virden Food Cupboard from Sunrise Credit Union
  7. Robin Wark: Sports heroes like Oil Capitals veterans and rookies, Elkhorn’s Mikayla Frattinger, BU Rugby Club, Kola’s Dustin Siemens, Westman Wolverines Football

Oct. 4, 2019 issue:

  1. Virden event promotes culture, community by Heather Reimer
  2. Students protest climate change, by Heather Reimer
  3. Murals for Manitoba’s 150th, by Heather Reimer
  4. Artist Terry McLean, by Anne Davison
  5. Kudos to the Oil Caps! Kudos to the firemen!
  6. Training ground of our ancestors, by Anne Davison (I didn’t even know this existed before I read the article!)
  7. A Happy Ending by Holly Draper’s British Home Children, an amazing story
  8. Artist Naomi Gerrard by Anne Davison, “Multigrains of Energy”
  9. New Turtle Mountain Bible Camp building
  10. Smile Cookies for Food Cupboard, by Anne Davison
  11. Brad Cole coaching Briercrest Clippers, by Anne Davison
  12. Virden’s Zane Anderson with Regina Thunder, by Robin Wark

Kudos to you all!

All the pictures that go with the above articles are excellent! I also want to give a big kudos to all the community reporters.

Myrna Drake

Elkhorn, MB

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