Veterans signed blank cheque to serve

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According to an Ottawa report, PM Trudeau demotes Jody Wilson-Raybould, as she assumes her assignment as Minister of Veterans Affairs. A statement that she denies.

During the past three and one half years, the Liberal government has virtually been playing checkers with our veterans.

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This newly appointed minister is number three. Makes one wonder why are they doing this and treating

the veterans like tossing around a hot potato. But then of course, so did the Conservatives in their tenure.

One veteran. One standard... only in your dreams and fantasies. Will it ever happen as promised?

Our veterans signed a blank cheque and honourably served to do what Canada needed of them. No questions were asked and no conditions of being mindful were put forth.

Now, when they need help, its a different story. The federal government shortchanged hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans and RCMP members about $165 million in benefits (Wpg Free Press, Jan. 26) Re: Trudeau under fire for comments, 6 Feb. 2018, when asked "Why are we still fighting against certain veterans' groups in court"?  Answer: "Because they're asking for more than we are able to give right now."

John Fefchak, A Cold War veteran

Virden, MB.

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